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Listing ID Category   Title Location
307376 Lost: WalletBlack WalletHuntington Beach, California. 92605 
307907 Lost: CD, DVD, IPOD, MP3 Players, Cassette PlayersIpod Touch Blue 5th GenBolsa Chica State Beach
Huntington Beach, California. 92648
305346 Lost: WalletBrown wallet anf black berry phoneHuntington Beach, California. 92649 
305249 Lost: Personal Accessories - OtherGO Pro CAmeraHuntington Beach, California. 92605 
303626 Lost: Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones, PhonesSmart Phone with dark pink case.Huntington Beach Dog Park
Huntington Beach, California. 92605
303186 Lost: Cameras - Still, Digital, VideoGo Pro CameraHuntington Beach, California. 92605 
302994 Lost: KeysCar keysHuntington Beach, California. 92605 
302732 Lost: Cameras - Still, Digital, VideoSJ4000 Gopro like CameraHuntington Beach, California. 92605 
302345 Found: DogsCollar no taHuntington Beach, California. 92649 
302246 Lost: ElectronicsIPhone 5sBolsa Chica State Beach
Huntington Beach, California. 92648
301996 Lost: Glasses, Sunglasses, Cases and BinocularsKids Prescribed EyeglassesHuntington Beach, California. 92605 
301114 Lost: Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones, PhonesIPhone 4 with White CaseHuntington Beach, California. 92648 
300947 Lost: DogsTeacup black chihuahua Huntington Beach, California. 92605 
300709 Lost: Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones, Phones5S iphoneHuntington Beach, California. 92648 
300384 Lost: Cameras - Still, Digital, VideoGoPro Hero 4 SilverHuntington Beach, California. 92605 
300719 Lost: ClothingTie dye girls shirtBolsa Chica State Beach
Huntington Beach, California. 92648
300031 Lost: Sandals, ShoesLost Vans Tan Sandals.. they look like rainbows size 10Huntington Beach, California. 92605 
299951 Lost: Rings - Decorative, GenericGold family ringHuntington Beach, California. 92605 
299445 Lost: Backpack, KnapsackBlack walletHuntington Beach, California. 92605 
299436 Lost: Cellular Phones, Mobile Phones, PhonesBlue Iphone 5c in black caseHuntington Beach, California. 92648 
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